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    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

    "Non-needle" techniques, including magnetic and infrared therapy

    Auricular (ear)


    You may have seen the circular reddish marks that are the desired result of this technique on recent photos of celebrities or Olympic athletes. You too can get the paparazzi buzzing after experiencing this method of applying glass cups with a vacuum seal at targeted areas to increase the flow of Qi and blood. It feels great on sore muscles and can really help at the first sign of a cold or respiratory problem.


    The herb mugwort is used in many forms - rolled into balls, cones or in sticks to provide a wonderful penetrating warmth to the area, helping speed the recovery process. It also smells delicious!


    These cords are attached to needles to let the negative and positive ions of your own body balance each other, using no other outside electrical force than your own body's energetics. Patients often describe such treatments as having a very "deep" and powerful quality to it.


    Acupuncture meets the 21st century! Infrared light therapy is remarkable at easing joint and muscle pain safely and painlessly.


    By rubbing the skin with a special lubricant and a gwa sha tool, this massage-like method also stimulates the flow of Qi and blood. This is another great way to loosen up tight muscles as well as ward off impending colds.


    Magnets are placed on the skin on acupoints without the use of needles.


    A special blunt "needle" is gently touched to the skin at acupoints, giving an effective treatment without insertion. This technique is useful for almost every condition and especially nice for children and those sensitive to needles.


    Patients are often sent home with special acupoints marked and shown how to massage these points themselves at home to enhance their healing process.